The Wind Rises 4/5

Not quite as imaginative and enthralling compared to Miyazaki’s best work and at times feels more like a documentary than a fictional story based on an historical figure. Also, the animation didn’t feel quite as clean/complex as say Spirited Away.

Nymphomaniac: Vol II 3/5

The two last segments of this film almost ruin everything because it feels so far-fetched.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I 4/5

Certainly than stronger of the two films, with the Delirium segment. Stacey Martin proves she can be an amazing actress and should be someone to watch in the future.

Jack Reacher 4/5

Don’t know why but again Tom Cruise kills it in this toned down thriller. Plus Herzog as a villain is the best.

Snowpiercer 4/5

The climax of the movie almost ruins what is otherwise an amazing film. Still keeps the very Korean feel, which for a Hollywood production surprised me.

Enemy 5/5

I loved the ambiguity this movie leaves to the viewer. 

Blue Ruin 4/5

A man fed up with the justice system takes it into his own hands to settle the score. The tense is unnerving and has some great moments of dark comedy similar to that of a Coen Brothers film.

Under the Skin 4/5

More of an experimental film than an actual narrative film; but nonetheless one that demands your attention with breathtaking visuals. 

Short Term 12 5/5

This movie is emotional.

Obvious Child 5/5

If you took Girls and Frances Ha and combined them with even better writing you’d have this film. Jenny Slate absolutely nails this role, which will hopefully allow her to gain a lot more roles.